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Trauma Group

Are you ready to finally let go of the weight of trauma and reconnect with yourself and others?
Photo by: Hudson Hintze via Unsplash

About the Class

Dealing with the effects of trauma can greatly improve our sense of self, thereby increasing self-compassion, improving our relationships, how we respond to stressful situations, shift our perspective on life, and improve our overall health and wellness. This group is not focused on the processing of distinct traumatic experiences, but rather on discussing the effects of trauma and how best to deal with the effects of trauma and move forwards. This class aims to not only have individuals make peace with the past, but to thrive and have a focus on Post-Traumatic Growth.

Group utilizes SELF curriculum which stands for: SAFETY + EMOTIONS + LOSS + FUTURE


The group will be limited to eight to ten individuals and closed after registration to enhance connections between participants.



or virtual


Who is it for?

This group is for anyone looking to educate themselves on the effects of trauma, gain coping skills and awareness of the regulation of emotions, process feelings or losses, and those seeking to improve their relationships.

Class Info

  • 10 week curriculum

  • Classes begin first week of February 2021

  • Thursday nights from 5:30-7:00

  • Cost of 10 week class $450 ($45 per class) + $200 intake (self pay option) with option for insurance payment

10 week group will begin the first week of February 2021

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