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Meet our Practitioners

We are invested in guiding your journey to ultimate wellbeing Mind, Body and Soul! 

Stop suffering in symptoms that crush your spirit and derail your life goals. We are here for you! Begin your journey today to peace and happiness!

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Licensed Practicing Counselor | Clinical Supervisor


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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

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MS, LPC Supervisee

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor

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PhD, Counselor Intern Supervisee 



MS, LPC Supervisee

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor






LSW, MSW Social Worker Intern



MS, Counselor Intern Supervisee

Stacy Full Bio

Stacy L. Keyser MS, LPC-MH, NCC, ACS

Licensed Practicing Counselor | Clinical Supervisor | Owner & President of Rapid City Counselors

I am passionate about guiding you through the most challenging life events that are stressful and heartbreaking. The struggles with grief, loss, divorce, and blended families are often riddled with sadness, anger, isolation, and communication breakdowns. You will have support and guidance in a safe therapeutic environment to explore your emotions and healing. If you are seeking professional support to recover loss and grief, repair or recover broken relationships, or navigate hard events and conflicts, I am here for you! With over twelve years of experience in the professional field of clinical mental health, and decades of life experience, I am confidant you will gain understanding, restoration, and emotional health.


Stacy is experienced in several modalities and focuses on specialized training in trauma focused therapies, mediation, positive communication, and parent-child relational therapy. Additional focused training include Gottman - Treating Affairs and Trauma, Gottman Couples Counseling, Couples Discernment, EMDR Therapy for Trauma, Parent Child Interactive Therapy, Reunification and other Court directive therapy for families.

Silver Full Bio

Silver See MA, LMFT, CCTP

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

 My main focus is to help individuals navigate the difficulties of life and use each of them as an opportunity to first grow stronger. My goal is to assist clients to receive measurable improvements quickly utilizing an eclectic approach. I utilize aspects of Positive Psychology, post-traumatic resilience, the hero’s journey, mindfulness, self-compassion, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT Tapping, somatic therapy techniques, and more.

I have a passion for incorporating an integrative approach to therapy & helping others to flourish in their lives, as opposed to only focus on the remediation of their pain. I believe in helping individuals discover the helpful gift(s) within their challenges, and assist them in connection with their true selves, as we all have a unique gift to bring into the world. I am honored to be able to help my clients connect to their own inner wisdom, strengths, resources, and acceptance while taking into account all the different aspects of one's life in the journey of transformation for lasting healing and change. It is fulfilling to see that we all have our own inner resources within, and my role as a guide is to help bring those out.

I am currently a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 11521).

“The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely” Young Pueblo

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"I came to Silver full of fear, with 15 symptoms of PTSD after trauma. Her expertise, wisdom, compassion, and TRUTH took me out of this in only 3 months!!! Her ability to see what I needed and where I was coming from was absolutely astounding. Her compassion helped heal my soul. Her seeing my perspective so quickly and seeing the things stopping me from progressing was astonishing.  She also adjusted to new information faster than I have ever seen anyone do before! As we worked together, I have never felt so supported and so understood with so much kindness in my whole life!!!!! I still use many of her techniques and wisdom, every week and sometimes every day. Silver also understands how little-understood illnesses like chronic fatigue and IBS can (and usually do) have both physical and emotional components.  Her respect for my physical problems was above and beyond, totally validating. Silver truly cares and has extremely high ability to see the problems and the solutions."

---Anonymous Client


"Silver was amazing. Love her positive, truthful energy."

---Anonymous Client | 10.29.2021 8:24 pm

Mary Schweitzer Bio

Mary Schweitzer MS, LPC Supervisee

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor

"Be the change you wish to see in the world," by Mahatma Gandhi, is a quote that I have chosen to live and practice by working in the counseling field. I am dedicated to offering a safe place for individuals to come and feel heard. Every individual needs to have an outlet to navigate a life that can be a difficult journey at times. I approach every individual and situation with a very open, accepting, and loving mind. I will help guide you through any past, present, or future events you would like to explore further.


I am currently a student at South Dakota State University pursuing my Masters of Science in Counseling and Human Resource Development specializing in Clinical Mental Health counseling. I am an Intern with Rapid City Counselors being supervised by Stacy Keyser. I enjoy working with adolescents, adults, and couples. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help understand how your thoughts and behaviors affect your feelings and emotions in any situation. Using this form of therapy, we will set and obtain life-changing goals and find inner happiness.


When needed, I pair this type of therapy with mindfulness meditation to help my clients feel present and calm, peeling away any life stressors. I have experience working with clients experiencing depression, ADHD, relationship issues, childhood trauma, and anxiety. 

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Trevor Anderson PhD, Counselor Intern Supervisee

I am training at Rapid City Counselors while earning a master’s degree in clinical counseling and psychotherapy at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, IL. I am working toward South Dakota licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor - Mental Health (LPC-MH). 


Broadly speaking, I take a psychodynamic or ‘depth’ approach to counseling. As I talk with clients, I aspire to recognize aspects of their life that have eluded their attention, as well as inner conflicts that may be contributing to the difficulties they are experiencing. I do this because the psychodynamic tradition tends to understand the troubles that bring us to therapy as symptoms or surface manifestations of deeper, root issues. When those root issues are uncovered, we can begin the work of healing our troubles at their source. 

I work with young adults, adults, and couples, and have a particular interest in seeing those who want to integrate therapy and their religious faith. “The glory of God is the human being fully alive,” as one ancient Christian said, and psychotherapy can be a place where the psychological and spiritual facets of a person are mutually respected, integrated, and strengthened. 

In my free time I enjoy reading, playing and listening to music, finding the next great television series, DIY projects, functional fitness, and spending time with my family.

Trevor - 1.jpg

My education includes a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame, master’s degrees in theology and philosophy from the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, and a bachelor’s in philosophy & religion from Hillsdale College.

Trevor Anderson Bio

Brittany Pieke MS, LPC Supervisee

Pre-Licensed Professional Counselor

I am honored to start this journey of healing with you. I have experience working with children, teens and adults. The counseling journey of healing is as individual as the client. I believe that clients have the tools to heal, but need help navigating these tools. I can assist you learning coping tools, so that you are able to live a purposeful and meaningful life. My counseling theory is a combination of CBT, Existential, Experiential (through play therapy, sand tray therapy), Gestalt, and Solution Focused to help individuals reach their best versions of themselves.

I offer traditional talk therapy as well as play therapy and sand tray experimental therapy. I believe the client knows what works and doesn't work for them. I will never push a client into an uncomfortable situation or treatment. I always take pride in offering a safe, unbiased space that is free of judgement and promotes holistic healing.

It's ok to not be ok. Even just thinking about seeking help is a huge start. Please let me know how I can help you become a better you. Life is too short to let mental health control you, and instead let's learn ways for you to control your life and your mental health.

Brittany Pieke Bio

Amy Hodge RN, MS-PMHNP Intern

My name is Amy Hodge. I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner student through the University of North Dakota. In addition to working as a clinical student at Rapid City Counseling, I am also an Emergency Department RN at Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City. Nursing is a second career for me. Prior to nursing school I worked as a photojournalist and reporter. That career allowed me to meet various people and communities as it took me all over the United States including, North Carolina, Colorado, and the western slope of the Tetons in Driggs, Idaho, as well as my home state of South Dakota.


While I did not pursue medicine immediately after High School, I have always had an interest in medicine and mental health. I decided to make the switch to nursing in 2014. I love the duality of the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner role as it will allow me to offer medication management for treatment as well as counseling. As a nurse, I approach all of my patients with a wholistic view. I strongly believe in the mind-body connection. In my study, I am drawn to the areas of PTSD, trauma, pediatrics and addiction. I look forward to developing my skills with Rapid City Counseling.

Amy - 1.jpg

I am native to Rapid City and am excited to continue to serve my hometown and community. I understand life can be very challenging for a number of reasons. We all need a little help sometimes. I hope to offer the support and guidance my patients need so that they are able to build skills and move confidently forward on their path. In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking, mountain biking and exploring the beautiful Black Hills and Badlands with my family. 

Amy Hodge Bio

Jazmin Perez Osorio LSW, MSW Supervisee

I am Jazmin, passionate about helping individuals, children, families, young mothers who are working through postpartum depression/anxiety, and intimate partner relationships to develop skills that will enhance your peace and joy. I most often use human-centered approach to assist you to engance your coping skills, manage your conflict and build your confidence to live your optimal life. I am profressionally trained in Trauma Based Relational Interventions (TBRI). The principles of TBRI focus on building on correcting unhealthy behaviors, connecting relationally, an d empower to live your best life.


I have further specialty that includes Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). This evidence-based treatment assits individuals, children, adolescents, young mothers and intimate partner relationships to recognize and communicate thoughts and feelings and how they affect actions and your life outcomes.


My mental health counseling and caring background began 2019 as I graduated with a bachelor degree from Chadron State College in Social Work after completing an internship at the Black Hills Children's Society. In 2022 I completed my graduate degree in Social Work at University of South Dakota. 


When I am not assisting others in my career, I enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling to new places, reading a good book, and spending time with family and two fur babies. I value healthy selfcare to be the best I can be mentally, physically, and for myself so I can be there to support the BEST YOU! 

Amy Hodge Bio

Tabatha Western MS, Counselor Intern Supervisee

My name is Tabatha, and I am excited to be joining Rapid City Counselors as a Counselor Intern Supervisee. I am currently a graduate student at Grand Canyon University pursuing my Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health specializing in Christian Counseling.


I strive to approach counseling in a collaborative, compassionate environment where clients and I can work together to build hope and balance in their overall well-being.  I utilize different modalities to help clients individually find practical skills and tools to bring well-being into all areas of life including Christian Counseling, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. I also incorporate other practices as they fit the individual including spiritual disciplines, art, meditation, and yoga.


Personally, I am a lover of learning and continue to grow my own well-being and knowledge with a love of books, training, and research. Some of these trainings include DBT skills training, yoga-instructor training, and experiential worship. I am also an ATD expert coach, a Painted Prayers instructor, and am currently working on certifications as a Mental Health Coach and Grief Coach from the American Association of Christian Counselors. I also love to spend time sipping coffee with friends, dreaming and creating projects with my spouse, and being in the moment with my family.

Ashley Jensen Bio
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