Anger Management Classes

Look for the next 10 week class in Spring 2021!

About the Class

Managing your anger can improve your relationships, reduce your work-related stress, and help you feel healthier. Plus, being able to diffuse anger in others is a vital leadership skill. Regardless of which aspect of anger management therapy interests you the most, Rapid City Counseling has a course to help you practice it. The class is lead and co-facilitated by Stacy L. Keyser, MS, LPC-MH, Kris Jeakins, MS, LPC, and Blake Schumacher, BS, Sociology.


The group will be limited to ten individuals and closed after registration to enhance connections between participants. Likewise, we only run this course when we have at least 4 participants to create an engaging and meaningful discourse between peers.


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Who is it for?

  • Those seeking solutions to overcoming anger issues.

  • Individuals court-ordered to complete an Anger Management course.

  • Anyone seeking to improve their relationships and work-related stress.

Class Info

  • 10 week curriculum

  • Classes begin when minimum attendance is met

  • Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:00

  • Cost of 10 week class $350 ($35 per class)

  • Classes are compliant with court-ordered Anger Management Class requirements